What is CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a type of software that helps businesses collect, organize, and analyze customer data to build better relationships. You can track customers across every touchpoint to ensure they have a satisfying interaction with your company.

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Housing data in one place also makes it more valuable for your business. You get a better understanding of how to market, sell to, and serve customers and prospects. CRM helps your people work better with each other, across departments and locations. And you can tie all your data points together to produce in-depth reports on customer engagement, marketing ROI, sales performance, and more.

In the past, only large corporations could afford a CRM system and the software was complex and hard to use. Today, there are user-friendly, affordable CRM systems that cater to businesses of every size and industry. Most systems are cloud-based CRM, making them easier to access and more reliable than old legacy software. Many vendors provide a CRM app, letting you take your business with you, anywhere, anytime.


CRMs that are great for:

CRM Software for Manufacturing Industry
CRM Software for Healthcare Industry
CRM for Consulting
CRM for Insurance Companies
CRM for Construction Industry
CRM for Higher Education
CRM for Real Estate
CRM for eCommerce
CRM System for Small Business
CRM for SaaS Companies
CRM Software for Nonprofits
CRM for Retails

How to Choose the Right CRM
Software for Your Business

How do you find the right CRM? There are hundreds of CRM companies to choose from. You also have many different types of CRM available-sales CRM, social CRM, analytical CRM, free CRM, and enterprise CRM, to name just a few. With so many choices, you may feel you are drowning in a sea of CRM vendors, subscription options, and CRM features.

Involve Key Stakeholders

Before purchase, you need a clear understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve. When evaluating CRM software, gather your key stakeholders together—executives, staff, and customers—and do an internal review. Executivescan tie CRM functions back to specific business goals, ensuring the software adds strategic value. Staff can describe their workflow and any bottlenecks they need help addressing. Also, listen to your customers-they often know your business best. Customer input can help you identify slow service, communication gaps, and other problems the CRM software needs to address. show moreshow less


Many CRMs integrate with hundreds of other tech solutions, from email to accounting software. Other CRM solution providers want you to purchase all your CRM applications through them, making it difficult to integrate with outside vendors. If there are specific tools you are married to, check the CRM’s app store before choosing a CRM vendor. show moreshow less

CRM Ease of Use

The CRM industry has produced some impressive systems, with dazzling CRM functionality and features. But the best CRM software is the one people use. And sometimes that’s the simplest option. Ultimately, ease of use is defined by you-the user. But some common features to look for are intuitiveness, customizability, and less manual entry. Any CRM product that feels like work is going to suffer low user adoption rates. Thankfully, most CRM software solutions offer a free-trial. It may add time to your search, but it lets you see exactly what you’re getting into before committing to a CRM subscription show moreshow less

Ability to Scale

Don’t choose the CRM that’s right for you right now-choose a CRM platform you can grow with. Review every CRM subscription tier to ensure the system will continue to provide great functionality at a good price. It’s essential to look at added costs too, such as buying extra contacts, emails, and storage. Many affordable plans put a cap on your data, then charge significantly to add more. CRM growth is essential as your business scales. show moreshow less

CRM Customization

CRM can improve efficiency, performance, and customer relationships right out-of-the-box. However, it is unlikely to match your business requirements exactly. What’s more, you don’t want your CRM functioning exactly like your competitors. The best software will allow for some customization to make the CRM solution truly yours. The degree of customization varies between vendors. A sales CRM software, like Pipedrive, tends to offer less flexibility, whereas an enterprise CRM, like Freshwork CRM, abounds with customization options. An open source CRM, like SuiteCRM, offers the most freedom to innovate and customize, since you can code your own CRM activities. show moreshow less

Data Safety

It’s important to do your due diligence on CRM software vendors. Housing data in one place incurs many benefits, but also creates risk. All your customers’ private information, such as credit card numbers, contact information, and more, are stored under a single login. This makes CRM platforms a target for hackers. Unless you pick a secure platform, you’ll be vulnerable to lost or stolen data. To protect your data, and your customers, it’s vital you choose from CRM software companies that follow the strictest data safety protocols. If a CRM provider isn’t transparent about their security systems, it’s a serious red flag. show moreshow less

Useful CRM Software Features

As CRM grows more sophisticated, it has expanded beyond customer relationship management. CRM software can also improve your overall efficiency and help you make data-driven decisions. It can replace many of your paper or manual processes and bring your business into the 21st century. To reap these benefits, you should look for a few essential CRM capabilities when buying your CRM software.








Pipeline and Lead





Benefits of CRM

Every business wants to stand out among its competitors and offer the best customer relationship management. You may already be using several types of business software. CRM is the software built just for this-relationships. Within the CRM, you’ll find many more benefits, such greater efficiency, improved revenue, and a better customer experience.


Improve Revenue

A CRM is rich with features that speed up your sales cycle. For one, it helps you define your sales process. When everyone follows a prescribed series of steps, no task or prospect falls through the cracks. No one wastes time thinking of their next step either . Each rep gets a blueprint for success. And if there is a problem-CRM helps you nip it in the bud. You don’t have to wait until the quarterly report to see your sales team is underperforming. A simple glance at the CRM dashboard will tell you win probability, deals in pipeline, individual performance, and any other sales KPIs you need to measure. Lead scoring makes sure your pipeline isn’t clogged with unqualified leads. Sixty-one percent of B2B businesses send all their leads straight to sales. Separating the wheat from the chaff ensures your reps focus on high-value prospects. Many top CRM companies offer automated lead scoring. show moreshow less

Build Better Relationships

We used to know our customers personally. But for most businesses this is a bygone era. Many customer interactions take place behind a screen, with people we never meet It’s hard to build relationships in this environment-unless you have a CRM system. Using CRM software gives you a personal portrait of every prospect and client. First, the CRM collects the many data points your business receives-such as web behavior, touchpoints, demographic information, job role, industry, and more. Then, it weaves customer data into a detailed profile. You can leverage customer data into the insights you need to sell more and market smarter. But most importantly, you get to know your customers. CRM helps businesses create lifelong and mutually-beneficial relationships with clients. show moreshow less

Automate Routine Tasks

Eighty percent of small businesses still rely on manual tools (email, spreadsheets, data entry) to complete routine tasks. These outdated methods slow your business down and damage the bottom line. You can update your business processes and reap major benefits with a CRM system. It replaces many of your tedious, labor-intensive tasks with smooth and efficient workflows. CRM offers automation for sales, marketing, customer service, and back-office processes. Some tasks that can be automated are data entry, customer inquiries, lead scoring, and audience segmentation. And you can expect this list to grow, as AI learns better and more efficient ways of automating tasks and goals. Consequently, staff have time to focus on more strategic, meaningful work. Administrative costs go down, while employee performance goes up. show moreshow less

Improve Customer Experience

Today, it’s not enough to offer a great product or service. You need to create a great customer experience (CX) and that requires a CRM tool. Web-based CRM software lets you meet your clients where they’re at. Every communication on every channel can be tracked and responded to, from a single screen. Customers experience an effortless and seamless interaction with your brand when you choose the right customer relationship management company. Automated customer engagement can nurture relationships after the sale. Afterall, the lionshare of your revenue comes from loyal customers. To keep them happy, sign-up with a top CRM system. A CRM organization service or consultant agency can assist you in making the right choice. show moreshow less


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“Very responsive customer service. Worked through any issues I had and made sure I was 100% satisfied”

– Mike McPeak
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Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, Inc.
“Very responsive customer service. Worked through any issues I had and made sure I was 100% satisfied”

“The consultant was great, she was very responsive and worked hard to help answer my questions.”

– Matt Eliason
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“The consultant was great, she was very responsive and worked hard to help answer my questions.”

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– Jesse Toto
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“Professional and easy to work with it. I would use this time and time again. ”

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