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Act! CRM combines marketing automation with lead management to ensure that customers move seamlessly down the funnel. Their automation features include web visitor tracking, automated email campaigns, lead scoring, and real-time reports. All of this data is shared with sales to ensure they make the right pitch at the right time. You can also create a new campaign in no time with their customizable templates. Act! is good for any business that wants to integrate its sales and marketing teams and close more deals.

Pipedrive CRM is a user-friendly platform that is effortless to master. The CRM keeps a laser-like focus on sales but integrates with hundreds of other tech tools to expand its features. You can create multiple pipelines and customize every stage of the deal. You can even automate routine sales tasks as your leads progress through the pipeline. Pipedrive also comes with an AI-powered sales assistant, which helps sales reps sell smarter and faster. Best of all, you can access Pipedrive on the road with its full-featured mobile app.

Salesforce is an industry leader known for its mammoth feature set and endless customization options. The platform can adapt to any industry, from manufacturing to insurance. It offers several specialized “clouds” for sales, marketing, analytics, service, and more. You can subscribe to any (or all) of these clouds to create an end-to-end solution for your business. Salesforce is a good fit for enterprise-level companies. It also offers a scaled-down version of its CRM for small businesses.

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based CRM that suits businesses of every size and type. Zoho has an extensive feature set and also integrates with thousands of apps and software. This gives it the potential to be one of the most diverse and powerful platforms on the market. It offers contact management and omnichannel support for email, phone, chat, and social media. As a bonus, Zoho comes with an AI-powered assistant, Zia. Zia will deliver advanced insights, solutions, and predictions across all your departments.

Agile is an affordable CRM suitable for small to mid-sized businesses. It offers a free version for up to ten users, and paid subscriptions begin at US$ 8.99/month. It is a comprehensive solution with tools for sales, service, and marketing. It also integrates with dozens of popular apps, from Skype to Quickbooks. Considering the rich feature set, Agile CRM is one of the best platforms in terms of value.

Bitrix24 offers an enterprise-level CRM at a fraction of the cost. It also offers a free scaled-down version of its software for unlimited users. If there’s anything to complain about with Bitrix24, the sheer number of features can be overwhelming. However, if you take the time to learn the ropes, you get a stellar feature set at a great price. Bitrix24 is also fully customizable, making it suitable for businesses of any size or sector.

If you’re a small business with a focus on sales, Capsule is a great option. Capsule CRM tries to avoid complexity and offers just the right amount of features to boost sales performance. You can store contacts, visualize your pipeline, and manage leads with ease using this straightforward tool. Unlike most CRMs, you can use Capsule right out of the box. It also comes at a price small businesses can afford at US$12/month.

Sales teams who want to land more clients and close more deals use Close CRM. You can automate tedious sales tasks, like data entry and follow-up emails. Close also offers global phone coverage. Through the power dialer feature, you can burn through long lists of sales calls without lifting a finger. Close can also record your sales calls to figure out the pitches that convert. Beyond telephony, Close integrates with all your other communication channels so you can reach your clients where they are.

Copper CRM is designed for close integration with Google. It mirrors Google’s simple, functional aesthetic so well that many users mistake it for a Google product. If you’re dependent on Google Workspace, you couldn’t pick a better CRM for your sales team. It helps reps avoid data entry and tedious admin tasks, so they can do what they do best–sell. It also offers tools to keep your team selling smarter and faster, such as lead management, salesforce automation, and custom pipelines.

Freshworks CRM is a simple yet powerful solution for small businesses that need to get up and running fast. It doesn’t try to do it all, which keeps the interface clean and user-friendly. However, it does offer some premium features at a reasonable price, such as lead scoring, marketing automation, and an AI assistant. Freshworks keeps you connected to customers with omnichannel communication for phone, email, Whatsapp, and chat. If you want to reach more prospects and close more deals, Freshworks offers a comprehensive solution.

HubSpot CRM includes all the tools you need for marketing, sales, service, and content management. Each hub in the platform is effective on its own, but it becomes a sales and marketing powerhouse when you use them together. You get all the tools you need to master HubSpot’s “inbound” approach to business, which focuses on creating value for clients at every touchpoint. HubSpot also offers a free and simple CRM for small businesses. Whatever your size or budget, there’s a HubSpot solution for you.

Insightly combines CRM with project management to help you nurture clients at every stage of the buyer’s journey. From prospect to delivery, you can track all your deals from a beautiful and intuitive dashboard. The layout is fully customizable. Add only the tasks and metrics you need, and visualize them however you like, from list views to Kanban boards. Reports are just as customizable, giving you valuable insight into your sales, marketing, and service teams. Insightly also offers robust integration and automation features, ensuring teams are connected and efficient.

Keap is often hailed as one of the best CRMs for beginners. It offers advanced features such as sales and marketing automation, but without the usual learning curve. You can use Keap’s analytics to identify your best marketing and sales processes. Then use the easy automation feature tool to make them repeatable and automated. The tight integration between sales and marketing will speed up your sales cycle and boost revenue.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more than a CRM. It’s an end-to-end business solution making it a good match for large, complex organizations. It integrates well with the entire Microsoft ecosystem, providing integrations for HR, eCommerce, supply chains, and more. Microsoft Dynamics 365 also comes with many premium features, like unlimited workflow automations and AI-powered insights for every department.

Pipeline is an easy-to-use CRM that’s designed for sales teams. The user-friendly interface resembles a spreadsheet so that sales reps can get up and running quickly. The platform offers pipeline snapshots, real-time deal status alerts, and easy-to-read sales charts. Pipeline also offers collaborative features so you can share pipelines and deals with your team. If you are a small to mid-sized business or just looking to supercharge your sales cycle, Pipeline CRM is a simple solution at a great price.

PCMag has recognized SugarCRM as one of the best CRMs for customer experience. SugarCRM offers a full suite of tools for sales, marketing, and service to ensure you nurture the client across the entire buyer’s journey. Sugar is also open-source so that you can code your own business modules and applications. The downside is you’ll also need a developer to deploy and customize Sugar for you.

SuiteCRM is a popular substitute for CRM giants like HubSpot and Salesforce—if you know how to code. It offers a similar range of features, but as an open-source CRM, it’s much more flexible. Unlike closed-source software, users are free to innovate on the SuiteCRM platform. The SuiteCRM developer community is very active, making constant improvements to the platform.

Many companies get mixed results when deploying a large-platform CRM. Vtiger is part of the growing trend to build smaller CRM solutions for small businesses. It’s also free for up to ten users, making it all the more attractive to startups and small teams. Unlike many smaller platforms, Vtiger doesn’t skimp on premium features such as sales and marketing automation. Vtiger will also help you deliver exceptional support by engaging with your customers across all channels.

Zendesk Sell integrates customer data across all channels, so you never miss an opportunity to sell. The platform operates much like a friendly sales assistant. For example, if a web visitor requests a demo—the sales team receives an automatic alert. If a customer asks a chatbox about new products, Zendesk Sell will divert them to sales. The user interface is also simple and intuitive. You can be sure your team is focused on sales versus how to use the software.

Apptivo offers an extensive range of business applications. Most CRMs focus on a few core apps, namely, sales, marketing, and customer service. By contrast, Apptivo offers all of the above plus another 50 business applications. You can customize the software for every stage of your business cycle, from supply chain to inventory to HR to invoicing. Apptivo CRM does it all–if you want it to. You can pick the apps you need and hide the apps you don’t. That way, you’re not stuck with a solution that’s too large and complex. You aren’t forced into a platform that’s too small either. Apptivo is the Goldilocks of CRMs–you can build the solution that’s just right for your business.

ActiveCampaign CRM offers one of the most sophisticated marketing suites in the industry. But unlike other marketing CRM’s, it also includes a robust toolset for sales and customer service teams. The CRM is designed to maximize efficiency and offers hundreds of prebuilt automations for all departments, along with plenty of drag-and-drop tools. Throw in the excellent customer support and an affordable price tag (entry price of US$ 9/month) and you have one of the most competitive CRMs on the market.

With Flowlu, you no longer have to connect the dots between diverse departments. This end-to-end solution combines CRM, finance, collaboration, and project management into a single platform. Imagine a seamless transition between sales, project delivery, and getting paid. Flowlu makes it possible–and easy, with its highly intuitive, visual interface and numerous automations. It’s fully customizable so you can build the solution you need for your unique business. It also offers unlimited projects, tasks, and contacts–even for free users. This CRM platform never puts a ceiling on your growth.

Let Monday CRM do the grunt work while your team stays focused on high-level tasks, such as creative projects, business strategy, and relationship building. You can create workflows for sales, marketing, projects, and everyday business processes with Monday CRM. Browse hundreds of work templates or create your own, using their library of automation recipes. The UI is colorful and straightforward, and you can customize every aspect of the layout. Easy-to-read dashboards give you a 360-degree view of your business. And the collaborative platform keeps teams working in tandem to finish important projects and meet crucial deadlines efficiently.

Nimble CRM stands out as one of the most mature and comprehensive social CRMs on the market. It offers stellar features for social selling, including social listening and automated prospect enrichment. It also has an ample range of tools for sales and marketing, such as group messaging, multiple pipelines, and contact management. With subscriptions beginning at US$19/month, it is a competitively priced platform for small businesses looking to adopt a social selling strategy.

Odoo is a comprehensive business management tool that combines CRM with eCommerce, HR, production, inventory, accounting, and finance, to name just a few modules. If the vast range of functions isn’t enough for your business, you can quickly develop new modules or features as Odoo is open-source. The platform is extensive and customizable enough to keep all of your departments working out of a single program. It is comparable to other CRM + ERP packages, such as Microsoft Dynamics and SAP–but comes at a fraction of the price. Plus, the software supports nearly 50 languages, including Chinese and Arabic, making it a truly global solution.

Redtail strives to bring a human touch to the financial industry. It’s the first cloud-based CRM designed for financial professionals. The platform offers a standard set of CRM features, along with industry-related perks, such as pricing by the database instead of per user. Redtail also integrates with specialized financial apps for compliance, trading platforms, investment research, financial planning, and more. The customer service is second to none, with free phone support plus email, webinars, and an online library. And even though financial services are notoriously complex, Redtail can fit your data into a user-friendly mobile app.

SharpSpring markets itself as a CRM that combines fun with function. While fun may be an overstatement, the intuitive and visual dashboard makes it a pleasure to use. The CRM includes an advanced marketing suite, with automated lead scoring, email campaigns, landing page builders, web visitor tracking, and workflows, making it a good fit for digital marketing agencies. The platform has native integration with many popular marketing apps, such as FaceBook Ads and GoToWebinar. It’s a powerful platform that gives small businesses access to best-in-class marketing tools.

Streak CRM is a lean and efficient platform that operates directly from your Gmail inbox. It functions as a CRM and project management tool, while providing seamless integration with all of Google Workspace. If you’ve had trouble onboarding new software in the past, Streak is the antidote. No training is required. You don’t even need to open a separate program or browser window. All the tools you need to manage clients and pipelines reside in your inbox. Free plans are available and paid subscriptions begin at US$ 15/month.

Thryv is a small business-focused end-to-end client experience platform. All from a single screen, software that lets you acquire the work, manage the employment, and earn credit. From one easy platform, assisting small company owners in meeting today’s expectations. Include best-in-class assistance with business professionals that understand the aims and particular demands of small businesses, available at any time – unlimited 24/7. With one easy-to-use platform, Thryv automates activities and puts consumers at the core of your business, making it simple to reach more customers, remain organized, get paid faster, and automatically produce reviews.

VipeCloud is a truly comprehensive CRM, with powerful tools for sales and marketing. It’s also a CRM with a human touch, with a top-rated customer support team and free training. You can manage clients on any channel, from social media to SMS to integrated telephony. The platform also focuses intently on automation, eliminating much of the tedious work that slows down sales and marketing teams. Small to midsize businesses in any industry can use Vipecloud to build faster, smarter business processes.

Method CRM is the number one platform for QuickBooks users. The software integrates with every version of Quickbooks so that you can tie your financial data to all business processes. Users get the tools they need to avoid delayed payments, speed up deals, and identify more opportunities to cross-sell. You can also easily create workflows to streamline tedious tasks, such as creating invoices, receipts, and late payment reminders. Method:CRM lets you build your own subscription, and a 30-day free trial is available for unlimited users.

Over 150,000 customers trust Liondesk as their real estate CRM, including Berkshire Hathaway
and ReMax. It creates a single, convenient platform for all your tech tools, integrating with industry favorites such as Zillow and Trulia. Agents can easily track clients and leads, and filter by priority, such as potential commission, interest level, and zip code. LionDesk also offers marketing tools designed for the real estate industry. Build beautiful brochures, target clients based on zip code, and create easy-to-remember shortcodes for all your marketing materials. Subscriptions begin at $US21/month, making LionDesk one of the more affordable CRMs on the market.

Sage is an open CRM with generous customization options. Out of the box, it offers features for sales, customer service, and marketing. It can also be configured to suit any industry, from manufacturing to nonprofits. Sage comes with mixed reviews, the primary variable being how much time you can spend configuring the system. Companies that use Sage CRM as-is tend to be less satisfied.

Meanwhile, businesses that use a developer to create a unique business solution rate the CRM highly. We recommend Sage for companies that can invest in the initial setup or need a niche solution for their sector. If deep customization is not a factor for you, you may want to consider other platforms.

Infor CRM combines simplicity with powerful features for sales, customer service, and marketing analytics. It also offers back-office integration with over 2000 business process management (BPM) solutions. The CRM is highly customizable and can adapt to any industry. You can choose between cloud-based and on-premise Infor systems. It even offers a mobile-only subscription for a reduced cost. The app version is also fully customizable, allowing you to design purpose-built solutions for the mobile world. Sales teams and industries of every stripe can benefit from the vast Infor software ecosystem.

KarmaCRM is designed for small sales teams. It is a simple platform that’s limited to core CRM features, however, the price doesn’t reflect that. Their most popular subscription costs US$39/month. You can purchase bigger software platforms for considerably less, such as Apptivo. However, Karma has a loyal user base that rates the system highly for its usability, customization options, and efficiency maximizing tools. Karma is also known for its responsive, personalized customer care, a rarity in the software industry.

SalesJunction is a strong sales CRM with an affordable subscription price. It offers premium sales tools for one low price of US$ 12.50/month. However, not everyone needs or wants a one-size-fits-all software solution. The CRM is also unattractive and laggy, resulting in an uneven user experience. A free 15-day trial is available so customers can see if the advantages outweigh the costs of using SalesJunction.

InStream is a strong, simple, and affordable platform. It covers all the basics of a robust CRM system: salesforce automation, contact management, communication features, scheduling, reminders, and customer service. It also integrates with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to create a multichannel business and enhance your social selling strategy. The CRM is also free for small businesses with less than ten employees.

amoCRM is a message-based CRM for small sales teams. Most CRMs assume you work out of your email inbox. By contrast, amoCRM focuses on SMS marketing and sales, with integrations for WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Messenger, and more. You can still sync with email and communicate with clients via phone and social email, too. It’s a truly multichannel tool. amo also provides sales pipelines, automation tools, task management, and other standard CRM features.

Accelo is a one-stop-shop for sales, CRM, project management, and invoicing. You can centralize most of your business processes here in this visually appealing and powerful platform. Accelo was created for professional services companies, from accounting to public relations to architecture. The time management features are unparalleled in the CRM industry and create transparency in your business and billing. It also integrates with QuickBooks, PayPal, and Stripe, for hassle-free accounting and payments.

India-based EngageBay offers a mountain of features at an affordable price. It has marketing, sales, and service tools and competes with popular, high-end solutions such as HubSpot and Salesforce. There is little functionality you won’t find here, and pricing begins at US$ 8.99/month. The automation suite is powerful, with unlimited custom workflows that let you automate tasks across your entire business. Users rate EngageBay’s chat support as top-notch. You won’t struggle to reach their service department despite the difference in time zones.