What is webCRM?

webCRM keeps things simple and intuitive. The UI is straightforward and you get just the right amount of features for a small to midsize business. The platform is comprehensive with tools for sales, marketing, and customer service. Plus, it accommodates multinational companies, with multiple languages and currencies available.

Sales Pipelines

WebCRM let’s you customize your sales pipelines for every stage of your selling cycle. It provides a blueprint for the team, ensuring best practices and no missed steps. Easy updating and time tracking also holds your sales reps accountable for their time. You can set targets and track everyone’s progress towards these goals. Accurate pipelines also allow you to accurately estimate revenue and adjust your efforts as needed.

Task Management and Calendar

Customers can book meetings with you straight from the CRM. webCRM then automatically updates your calendar and sets a reminder. Colleagues can also view your appointments, ensuring managers are up to speed and efforts are never duplicated. It also ensures no client slips through the cracks, as everyone has access to the customer cards and calendar. And priority tasks are listed on each user’s home screen. Managers can even book appointments on behalf of staff.

Similarly, you can also assign tasks to your employees using webCRM. Once a task is accomplished, the activity log is automatically updated. Everyone on the team can see a history of interactions and tasks associated with a client. You can also link relevant documents, notes, and correspondence to the activity log.

Dashboards and Graphs

webCRM keeps information visual and relevant. The dashboard can be customized to show the information you need most–whether that’s marketing KPIs or monthly revenue or the number of closed service tickets. Every department benefits from timelines, graphs, and other visuals which let you know where you stand with just a glance. Best of all, the information doesn’t end up siloed between departments. All customer information gets integrated in webCRM to create a single customer card (or profile).

Email and Client Communication

The CRM uses data pulled from all departments to create accurate customer profiles. From there, you can create highly targeted mailing lists. A library of templates for email and PDFs keep all your communication attractive and on brand. webCRM also shows success metrics such as email opens, bounces, and click throughs. Whether you need a personalized email, a professional looking sales quote, or a monthly newsletter, webCRM makes all your written communications a breeze.

The webCRM app lets you send messages on the fly. Syncing the CRM with your contacts also enables you to call/text from the CRM and access client profiles anytime, anywhere.

Multiple Languages and Currencies

webCRM is a truly international company, with offices around the globe. The software can be customized to several different currencies and the CRM accommodates over 10 languages. Customer support is also available in multiple languages.

Features of webCRM

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  • Standard – 22 GBP per user per month
  • Plus – 31 GBP per user per month
  • Enterprise – 48 GBP per user per month

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