What is Zendesk Sell?

Zendesk Sell focuses on doing a few things really well. Lead prospecting, contact management and communication, and reporting are this CRM’s strong suit. The lack of extensive features lets Zendesk keep the interface simple. As such, many small to medium sized businesses may find it’s just the solution they need to speed up their sales process.

Ease of Use

Zendesk Sell doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. The layout and functionality mimic many other sales CRMs–and that’s a good thing. You will find the interface intuitive if you’ve used CRM before.

New users will also find the system easy to navigate. The layout is straightforward and sales teams can begin using Zendesk Sell from day one. However, the trade off for this simplicity is fewer features and customization options.

Contact and Lead Management

Need to add a new prospect to your contacts? You’ll spend a lot less time logging data with Zendesk Sell’s lead enrichment feature. With just an email address, Zendesk can search for your prospect in its database of 33 million businesses. All the information it finds—job role, company revenue, business owner, etc.—is automatically saved to the client record.

The record also includes an area to add notes associated with the contact. For example, you may want to mention how you met, or what product they’re interested in.

From within the same screen, you can send the prospect an email using one of Zendesk’s email templates. The merge feature will add name, company, and other personalized data. Email metrics such as opens and click-throughs are also visible from the same pane. And you can set up notifications for when a prospect clicks, ensuring you reach out at the right time.

To the left, you’ll find a sidebar with contact details, including phone number. You can dial directly from Zendesk Sell by clicking the number. You even have the option to create call lists that will dial one number after the other. You can also choose a sales script from the drop-down menu. A detailed customer profile is still open in-screen, so you can personalize each call. Client birthdays, their recent vacation, reviews of the last purchase—you can add any detail you like to the customer description box.

Having all this information and functionality in one place lets your team deliver a better, faster, and personalized sales experience.

Sales Features

In addition to advanced contact management, Zendesk Sell will help you speed up your sales process with the following features:

  • Smart lists: You can sort prospects and customers by any field in the client record. For example, you can narrow down prospects to a certain territory and deal value. Or, you could prioritize the deals that are in danger of rotting. If you find yourself using the same criteria repeatedly, you can save your list as a template for future searches.

  • Zendesk Reach: Reach is an enrichment and prospecting tool that gives you access to over 30 million businesses. If you have a company in mind that could be a match for your services, you can search Reach for a lead. The search results will include related businesses for you to prospect. You can narrow your options down by adding a filter, such as company size or location. Zendesk Sell can then add these leads to your contact records in bulk.

  • Salesforce automation: Email follow-ups, lead assignment, record updation, and auto-dialing are just a few of the tasks that can be automated in Zendesk Sell.

  • Performance dashboard: The activity feed section displays all recent activity in your account. You can filter this activity by deal, leads, completed tasks, calls, appointments, and more. You can also view by user or group.
    Your dashboard also offers a widget view. Ten widgets are available which you can add, remove, reorganize, shrink or enlarge. Each widget offers a brief overview of information that you can click for more granular data. For example, the revenue widget displays total revenue for a set timeframe. When you open the widget you can explore company revenue in greater depth, sorting by time-frame, deal value, owner, deal source, and more. Any custom fields you’ve made can also be used to filter your widget.


    On the Report page, you’ll find many tools for analyzing your sales performance and pipeline. You can visualize all of your essential sales data: sales funnel, total sales, pipeline stage, deal sources, and individual performance. Dozens of reports are available under the following general categories:

  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Sales Performance
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Sales Goals
  • Activity Reports
  • Success Insights
  • Advanced Sales Insights
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