What are Capsule CRM alternatives?

If you’re just looking to organize your contacts and boost your sales process, Capsule CRM is a good option. It serves as a mini-CRM and is best suited to small sales teams. The focus on sales keeps the interface simple and easy to use. You can track leads, manage tasks, and monitor performance through Capsule’s dashboards. The CRM also comes with a free starter plan for up to two users.

Top Alternatives of Capsule CRM


Over 95,000 businesses use Pipedrive CRM to build profitable relationships and boost customer loyalty. However, Pipedrive\'s laser-like focus on sales comes at the expense of other departments, such as marketing and customer service. For comparison, we\'ve compiled a list of other sales-focused CRMs, along with some more well-rounded platforms.


Salesforce is the most advanced and innovative CRM platform on the market. Sales, service, marketing, commerce, analytics--there\'s really nothing Salesforce can\'t do. Users can also customize the platform to serve any industry, from healthcare to car manufacturers. However, the extensive range of features comes with a steep price tag--and a steep learning curve. There are plenty of smaller, more affordable solutions if you don\'t need an enterprise-level CRM. Here\'s our list of Salesforce\'s top ten competitors.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is one of the most popular CRMs, serving millions of customers around the globe. It is a flexible solution that can fit the demands of businesses, large and small. Extensive customization features mean it can adapt to virtually any industry, too. However, the exhaustive range of options can be overwhelming to small businesses or teams with a singular focus, like sales or marketing. For this reason, we\'ve provided a list of ten Zoho alternatives.

HubSpot CRM

In addition to its free-forever CRM, HubSpot offers specialized hubs for Content Management, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. You get all the tools you need to become a sales and marketing powerhouse. But these add-ons don\'t come cheap, and many small businesses find the HubSpot platform is bigger and more complicated than they need. To help you determine if HubSpot is right for you, we\'ve compiled a list of the top ten alternative CRMs.

Insightly CRM

Insightly combines project management with CRM to ensure you support the customer journey from prospect to product and beyond. It also features an attractive dashboard that is a pleasure to use. Combine this with Insightly\'s AI-driven insights, and you have a platform that boasts both beauty and brains. However, it\'s not built for enterprise-size organizations, and users report some kinks when integrating other tools. Before you buy, check out these top ten alternatives to Insightly.

Agile CRM

Agile is an affordable CRM suitable for solo-entrepreneurs to mid-sized businesses. It offers a free version for up to ten users, and paid subscriptions begin at US$ 8.99/month (with a two-year contract). Considering the broad range of features, Agile is one of the best CRMs in terms of value for money. However, this new platform still needs work on its customization options, tutorials, and customer support. Here is a list of its top ten competitors if you want to avoid Agile\'s growing pains.

Copper CRM

Copper is designed for close integration with Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite). This CRM mimics Google\'s design principles so well that many users mistake it for a Google product. It\'s a fine CRM for businesses that are married to the Google brand. However, it has some significant limitations, such as integrating exclusively with Google products, unless you upgrade to a Professional Plan (US$ 59/user/month). If you want more flexibility and third-party tools, consider our top ten alternatives to Copper.


SugarCRM packs a lot of powerful features. And because it\'s open-source, you can build-out any functionality it lacks. However, you\'ll need to spend some time learning the software\'s ropes before you reap any of Sugar\'s benefits. Even then, you\'ll probably need the ongoing support of your IT department. If you\'re not up to the challenge of an open-source CRM, there are smaller, friendlier solutions on the market. Here\'s a list of ten vendors to consider before committing to SugarCRM.


Act! is one of the oldest CRMs on the market, and as such, it has many loyal fans. The marketing toolkit is especially strong, and it`s available at every pricing tier. However, this fan-favorite is beginning to show its age. The UI feels dated, and performance can be sluggish. We`ve compiled a list of competitors to consider before taking the plunge. They all feature great marketing tools with a modern interface.


Vtiger CRM is described as an award-winning software used by small and medium-sized organizations. The platform provides a deep feature set to accelerate sales, boost marketing ROI, and provide better customer support. However, all the features and modules can be overwhelming, especially to CRM newcomers. We\'ve come up with a list of Vtiger alternatives that are easy to use and competitively priced.