CRM for Construction

Modernize your business and deliver projects faster with a CRM for construction

Construction is a complex business–yet the industry still relies on paper records to get the job done. Data ends up scattered across construction plans, receipts, and spreadsheets. Worse still, all this information is either stuck in the office or risks ruin on the construction site.

A CRM for construction can modernize your business and give you the edge over your competitors. All company data is stored in a single intelligent system. You have a digital record of every project at hand, whether you’re in the field or office. This lets you complete projects faster, sell more effectively, and connect to clients anywhere.

Modernize Your Construction Business

Put all your company data under one roof using a CRM for construction. The software system keeps information secure, connected, and transparent. All your systems and departments are integrated, allowing projects to move quickly from one stage to the next. With a CRM for construction, everybody can see the big picture.

A CRM can also automate routine tasks, such as construction bids and follow-up emails. This is significantly faster and more accurate than outdated manual processes. 

Improve Sales With a CRM for Construction

When data is sprawled across your business, sales teams don’t have a complete picture of the customer. A CRM for construction can gather relevant information, like project history, contact history, and customer lifetime value (CLV). By knowing each account personally, sales reps can identify the most valuable accounts, as well as opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. 

Better Customer Service

CRM software offers a complete 360-degree profile of each client. This ensures you never miss an important detail and customers never have to repeat themselves. While your competitors shuffle through papers, you can glance at the digital record to deliver smooth and efficient service.