CRM for Higher Education

Attract, sustain, and serve your students with CRM for higher education

Education has become a fiercely competitive market. In the battle for students, how can your university stand out? By treating students like valued customers. Students consider themselves both learners and customers, and they have high expectations for service and education outcomes.

A CRM for higher education can help schools meet student expectations and build strong relationships across the entire student lifecycle. Market to prospects, connect with enrollees, and keep alumni donations rolling inall from your CRM for higher education.

Prospective Students

Prospects are subjected to a blizzard of marketing emails, brochures, and campus events. CRM for higher education can help you rise above the noise to deliver a targeted and consistent message.

Market smarter: Rather than showering them with ads, give prospects what they want—a personalized pitch. CRM’s marketing tools can filter students according to your criteria and send a targeted message. An education CRM can also track metrics like click-throughs, email opens, and return web visits. This lets you measure the success of campaigns in real-time and adjust your message as needed. 

Consistent Relationships: Along with a personal touch, you can make communication consistent with canned responses. Let your CRM respond to common questions, like requests for course catalogs and campus tours. Automated responses ensure nobody falls through the cracks.

Enrolled Students with CRM for Higher Education

Online study is a world away from a busy campus. You can’t pop into a professor’s office or borrow a classmate’s notes. A CRM for higher education keeps students connected to their school, whether they’re onsite or an ocean away. 

Stay Connected and Informed: With multi-channel communication, students can interact with students, professors, and admin on their favorite platform. This not only helps communication—it offers insight into your students. Their contact history, GPA, student loans, and more are combined into a single digital profile. This 360-degree view of your student body lets you identify problems and opportunities faster. 


Nurturing alumni relationships is essential to a strong donation program. The quality of these relationships also determines whether alumni return to their alma mater for continuing education. Use CRM for higher education to turn your alumni into a loyal customer base. The software can help you create engaging content, like newsletters, automated birthday greetings, and alumni spotlights. Graduates will stay loyal and become brand advocates to the next generation of students–their children.