CRM for Real Estate

Manage properties, buyers, and sellers on a unified platform with CRM for real estate

The rise of online real estate has been both a blessing and a curse for agents. It provides more leads and bigger territories. But manually tracking your business has become impossible. Real estate agents need a modern system to juggle all their customers, prospects, and properties.

A CRM for real estate acts as an online database for your contacts. All the information you need to help clients, track leads, and close deals is at your fingertips–any time, anywhere.

360-Degree Customer Profiles

Selling real estate often involves a long and complex negotiation. Multiply this by hundreds of clients, and you’ve got yourself a major headache. Who could remember every detail of every deal? 

Old-fashioned spreadsheets aren’t much better. They don’t alert you when a deal is rotting or remind you to send a follow-up email. But a CRM for real estate can. It pulls every client detail into a single digital record, including contact history, bids, loan approvals, and more. It can also issue automatic alerts as your deals progress through the pipeline. Best of all, with a cloud-based CRM, you have access to all this information in the field. 

Manage Leads with CRM for Real Estate

Real estate sites give your business a global reach. But who are your leads, and how do you contact them? CRMs for real estate can monitor your web traffic and capture leads. It can then use site information to score leads based on return visits, time spent on site, and the value of properties viewed. 

Instead of wondering who your prospects are, imagine them sitting in your CRM dashboard with all their relevant details attached. You can identify your most promising leads, attend to them promptly, and close more sales.  

Nurture Relationships With Sellers

Everyone appreciates service with a smile, but it’s competence that keeps customers coming back. CRM for real estate gives you all the tools you need to identify regional trends and hotspots. With just a few clicks, you can share expert reports on the local real estate market. You can also use your client profiles to show sellers exactly who is looking to buy properties like their—then target your marketing to that audience.