CRM for Retail

Add a personal touch to every shopping experience with CRM for retail

A personal touch is worth a lot in the world of retail. Forty percent of consumers say they’ve spent more than planned because their customer experience was personalized. It’s also your trump card over eCommerce sites. You can deliver a warm and personalized greeting that customers won’t find behind a screen.

CRM for retail lets you personalize every step of the buyer’s journey. Any details you glean from a customer can be put in the CRM system and shared across your marketing, sales, and service teams. Each staff member can create a personalized and meaningful interaction with the client using retail CRM.

Personalized Marketing

When a client enters the store, you can begin gathering the intel you need to create a personalized shopping experience. Their favorite color, birthday, and style preferences are just a few of the details you can collect and record in a CRM for retail. 

From there, you can set up personalized marketing appeals. For example, you could create a field for the first purchase date when adding new customers. The CRM can use this date to automatically email a promo code on the customer anniversary.  The customer feels remembered and you’re more likely to get them in-store. 

Personalized Sales

All you need is a customer’s name and you can access their preferred style, size, past purchases, and more. A CRM app allows you to keep all client data with you on the selling floor. You can make product suggestions, inquire how past purchases are working out, and notify customers when an item they’re interested in goes on sale. 

Personalized Customer Service

CRM for retail is like a digital helpdesk. You can view every interaction a client has had with your brand from a single screen. This lets you deliver a personalized response and ensures you never miss a question or complaint.  

No matter who answers the phone (or chat, email, or IM), they can see the real-time status of orders, deliveries, service requests, and repairs. This is especially helpful for complex service tickets that require ongoing support across multiple departments.