CRM for Small Business

CRM is an inexpensive software solution to scale your business

In an ideal world, you could just focus on business development and sales. That’s where the money is, and that’s what keeps your business alive. However, many small business owners find themselves spending most of their time on tasks that don’t generate revenue.

By automating repetitive tasks, CRM allows owners to spend more time working on their business instead of in their business. It can also improve collaboration and help you scale. Imagine growing your business while spending less time at the office. A CRM for small business makes it possible.

Automate Routine Tasks

As a small business owner, you may not have all the staff you need. You likely take on many roles yourself, from sales rep to customer service. A CRM for small business can automate many tedious tasks, such as:

● Follow-up emails

● Data syncing

● Lead generation 

● Email drip campaigns

● Deal stage transitions

● Task reminders

● Call scheduling

● AI-chatbots

● Case routine

You can do more without adding new staff, saving you time and money.  

Better Communication with Clients and Staff

A CRM can capture much more than a paper record or excel spreadsheet. CRM for small business creates an interactive digital record for customers. This is a snapshot of every purchase, opportunity, and interaction you have with the client. It also includes traditional details like phone number, email, and company name.

You can sort through the client profiles using data filters. For instance, you may want to look at only high-value accounts or focus on clients who’ve been stuck in the pipeline too long. Many CRMs give you the option to create custom filters so you can organize clients according to your priorities. 

A CRM for small business also facilitates communication between employees and departments. Information is no longer siloed in people’s memories, laptops, smartphones, or paper records. Instead, a CRM compiles data into a single system of record. Any staff member can view and make changes to the customer profile. The entire organization gets a bird’s eye view, ensuring your customers get the personalized care they need no matter who handles the client. 

Do Business Anywhere with CRM 

Unlike outdated, on-premise software, a CRM is cloud-based, and most come with fully functional apps. This lets you get business done anytime, any place—all you need is an Internet connection. You can attend conferences, appointments, and other obligations while keeping an eye on staff and business operations.  

Find More Customers with CRM for Small Business

Every small business wants to attract new customers and scale. CRM makes this possible through lead capture. Sophisticated tracking mechanisms help you identify the people who visit your website. You can find out the lead source, time spent on page, products viewed, and other online behavior metrics. 

Once you get an email address, some CRMs can enrich the client record with additional information, like company size, revenue, job role, location, and other details. A CRM for small business automatically creates the lead record, so there’s no manual entry. You get a new list of leads without lifting a finger.  

Free CRM for Small Businesses

Many CRM vendors offer a free version of their software. They don’t have the full functionality of a paid subscription. However, they offer just enough features to streamline business operations and organize customer data for a small team. And you can always upgrade to a paid subscription as you grow.