CRM for SaaS Business

Reduce churn and attract more customers with a CRM for SaaS

SaaS businesses have a unique business model that has been mostly ignored by traditional software. As such, many companies have tried to cobble together a solution out of accounting software, spreadsheets, and a dash of third-party apps.

But there’s a better way. A CRM for SaaS can be customized to include your unique financial metrics, such as monthly recurring revenue. It also provides a unified platform for sales, marketing, and customer service. This helps you create the rock-solid customer experience you need in an industry with high churn rates.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

A SaaS business delivers the flexible subscription model that consumers want. Unfortunately, this presents major challenges for your accounting department. Spreadsheets may work in the beginning. But as you scale, you’ll need a CRM for SaaS. 

Integrated financials: A CRM can integrate all your accounting tools and metrics into a single digital platform. This ensures every tool and department is talking to each other, and you can get an accurate snapshot of your finances. 

Customize for SaaS KPIs: The CRM can be customized for SaaS metrics, such as MRR, customer lifetime value (LTV), and churn rates. From there, a CRM can convert financial metrics into easy-to-read dashboards and reports. 

Boost Sales Performance

The CRM provides a single source of truth that is visible to both finance and sales. The sales team can easily track their performance using CRM for SaaS dashboards. Getting a granular look at the data will help them:

  • Retain existing customers
  • Close more high-value deals
  • Convert more leads into customers
  • Identify opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.

Sales Automation: In an industry with monthly turnover, the sales cycle is sped up considerably. You need leads moving through the pipeline as fast as possible. A CRM for SaaS business can automate many routine tasks associated with selling, such as proposals and contract renewals. This avoids bottlenecks in the pipeline and keeps reps focused on closing deals. 

Create Better Customer Experiences with CRM for SaaS Business

360-degree profiles of the customer are visible to every department. This keeps everyone working in tandem to deliver the best customer experience possible. Customers don’t get dropped between departments. They never have to repeat their issue to a new staff member. CRM for SaaS business create a seamless interaction with your brand and lets you personalize the customer experience at every touchpoint.